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The Dosses with their unique blend of voices and insatiable desire to share the Gospel wherever they go, are considered one of the most refreshing and exciting Gospel groups today.


The Dosses began in 1961 as a trio consisting of Donny, Debbie, and Dianne Doss in their home church in Salisbury, NC.  Their Mom and Dad later joined them and they sang as a family for years.  Their youngest daughter, Dianne, along with her husband Neal, chose to continue the ministry of The Dosses.


If there's anything that someone in a full-time music ministry will tell you, it's this:  "If it's not about the Lord, it will never work."  That's just exactly how The Dosses feel.  They wouldn't be spending their lives traveling all across the country for any other reason.  Their presentation touches the hearts of audiences wherever they go with harmony and love of what they enjoy the most, serving the Lord.


The Dosses are professional in their ministry and they take their work seriously.  In April, 1996 they accepted this as a full-time ministry for the Lord  and depend strictly on what people and churches provide for their support.  They are talented, witty, and most of all, spiritual.  The group has the unusual capacity for captivating the audience from the time they walk on stage through the close of the service.  They are best known perhaps for their warmth and genuine feelings they project both on and off stage.  They know their main pupose is to see soul's saved and plant seeds for harvest.

Allison Little joined The Dosses in August, 2017 and hails from Kannapolis NC. She sings alto and replaces longtime alto Jessica Stanley.   She came to know the Lord at the young age of 10 and has the Pastor influence in her life. Her grandfather, Richard Pethel and her uncle, Chris Pethel pastored several churches in the Kannapolis NC area.   Allison's mom, had her own time with The Dosses as a piano player,  many years ago as a teenager, So Allison's influence of music, singing and ministry runs deep in her roots.   Little did either of them realize, years later The Dosses would be a common name in their household.  She truly wants people to come to know the love of God and accept Him as their personal Saviour!

Singing News top 30 song, He Couldn't Cross the Bloodline for 8 consecutive months! What a Blessing! The Lord did it! Used that song in a mighty way!

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